Hi, I’m Anela

I live in beautiful Seattle with my wacky little duo and one of the weirdest yet kindest husband who is a 5th grade teacher.  I'm deeply in love with my family and can't hold on tight enough to all the wonder and joy they bring me.  Getting to mother my little ones has taught me so much about life, about what I value, and about how interesting humans are as they figure out this life.  My gratitude drives my intense love of this life and brings me to adore photography as a tool to hold on just a little tighter to what I find beautiful. 

I love photographing my crew but honestly, I find so much joy in photographing, studying, and honoring other families.  Family is what we come home to, what drives us, where there is so much beauty.  

I'd love for you to take a look at my portfolio to see my style or read FAQs  about what my sessions are like. 

On a side, you may notice that my lovely daughter has smaller than typical eyes.  This is due to a genetic difference called BPES,  learn more here.

See my beautiful family in some of my personal work here.