I Love In Home Sessions! | Seattle Family Photographer

Home.  That feeling of comfort and relief when you drive up, finally get everyone unbuckled and grab all the bags, the fallen water bottle that rolled under the car, and the ball he just had to have.  You find the key at the bottom of the bag, pet the someday she'll stop acting like a puppy dog, and ahhh, home.  

I want to tell you about in home sessions while also sharing photographs from an in home session with of one of my dearest friends friends from high school, her husband, and son.  I remember about 5 years ago when she ordered decaf coffee at breakfast just like me, what a fun surprise!  What a gift to have kids alongside such a thoughtful, kind, and fun friend. 


Getting to photograph families in their home is my favorite location.  The kids are comfortable and so proud to show me their toys.  They get right into play which makes it so easy for me to photograph them being their genuine selves. 

So, how does an in-home session flow?
When I get to your house, I'll say hello to everyone and we can settle in.  I'll walk around and check out your rooms and the light.  I'll show the kid(s) my camera and get to know everyone.  I want you all to be comfortable before I start photographing. 

I'll likely start by taking pictures of you all playing with a documentary approach.  I will control just a few things like move a kleenex box or turn off an overhead light.  You can choose your favorite activity like trains, dolls, making cookies, playing in the yard, dancing, etc.  Then we'll go to a well lit couch or bed for a handful of posed images as well as your family snuggling, tickling each other, or jumping on the bed. 


Finally, I like to take photos of you outside your home on your stoop or in your yard.  We can take a walk or short drive to a lovely outdoor spot of your choice for some more lightly posed shots.  

It's easy, and fun!


How long is an in-home session?
I spend about 45 minutes in your house then about 30 more minutes outside.  Newborn sessions are mostly held indoor and take about the same amount of time depending on your new little one's needs.

But, my house is a mess!
No problem.  Take a look at my kitchen this morning!  And also take a look at a photo of my kid looking at that mess later that day.  Partly, the mess is part of your story, so I like to include thoughtful elements of it.  But also, it's easy to take beautiful photos that focus on well lit people and hide the clutter. 

*Clearly my friends home is beautiful, uncluttered, and so inviting.  Honestly, I cleaned out a room in my house when I came home from this session. 


Here are a few more images from this session.  This family was so fun to photograph as they were so very connected and kind to each other.  I hope their images help them always remember what a happy home they have made for their little one and I hope he can look back and be so very assured that his parents deeply love him by the way they hug him, look at him, and play so freely with his four year old self. 

Also, their son is a budding photographer, he took this next picture of his parents!  I always love the expressions on parents' faces so much more when I let their kid take a photo with my camera!

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