Some Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of photographer are you?
I’m a mother who honors family and the special bond within families.  I use photography to help you hold on just a little tighter to your babies and the memories of the ever changing, beautiful, and often chaotic experience of having a family.  I photograph families and newborns being their genuine selves.  I don’t force rigid poses or smiles. I use natural light.  Your gallery will include a handful of traditional pictures, some playful ones, and some artsy one with interesting light, double exposures and whatever catches my eye during your session!

Where will my family session be held?
Your session can be anywhere that makes you and your family happy!  I love to do in-home sessions then take a walk in your neighborhood or a short drive to one of your favorite outdoor places to play.  I have a few spots in and near Seattle that I can recommend for sessions that are completely outdoor, but I'm up for anything including a bus ride to your favorite bakery or going on the ferris wheel.  When you book your session, we will talk about what will be the best fit for your family.

Where will my newborn session be held?
I do most newborn sessions at your home and sometimes at hospitals or birthing centers.  I prefer the natural setting of homes for babies so we can cater to their needs in this special time at the start of one’s life. 

How long will my session be?
Most sessions are about an hour.  Sometimes, newborn sessions go a little longer as your babe might need to nurse/eat for a while. 

What will my session be like?
It will be relaxed and fun.  I help your family spend some focused time together as I want your images to show the essence of your relationships and the unique individuals who make your family.  I’ll guide you and your family to hug, dance, snuggle up, and even play tag along with any activities that we discus to prepare for your session (like playing trains or even kids taking a bath).  I don’t force smiles and rigid forward facing pictures, so you can relax and just be together.  My goal is for you to have a joyful and connected session, leaving you feel closer to your family and excited to see the art we made!

What should I wear?
Wear what makes you happy!  Some families like to coordinate their clothes, but I don’t recommend matching. Avoid logos and neon colors. Wear layers if it’s chili out so you’re comfortable.  If you are a nursing mom, wear something that will make it comfortable to nurse if you’d like during your session.

How far out are you booked?
I typically book out a few months in advance.

Will I get the digital photos from my session?  How can I order prints and products?
Within a month of your session, I’ll send over a link to a private gallery including 75+ hand edited images for you to download.  You can also choose images to print from my favorite printshop and mark your favorite photos for me to include in your album. 

Are you ready to book or have any questions?