For the Sweet Babe | Seattle Motherhood Photographer

I wrote “for the sweet babe” but I know it’s mutual. I also know that it’s hard, and it’s different for every family. I have been so incredibly lucky to get to nurse two little ones, longer than that really hard adjustment newborn time, longer than when they could eat solids, longer than when my partner was over it. I know that special look my babies gave me, and that way they would reach for my chin, my nose, my hand when they were cuddled up close to me.

I also know the feeling of having to pump, that sound reh rah reh rah, the way I would cringe when my classroom door would open while I was trying to get milk out for my tiny one at home. It’s an honor to get to photograph Mama’s during a sweet nursing session and I was so lucky to get to photograph this beautiful duo.